Friday, September 17, 2010

FLYing (Finally Loving Yourself) challenge

Well it has been almost a week of the challenge and I have accomplished a lot. I have cleaned the sun room, kept my kitchen tidy, doing the weekly cleaning, cleaned out the cabinets and drawers underneath the bathroom sink, cleaned the linen closet and cleaned the top of my dresser and around it. The routines are becoming auto-pilot for me and for Samantha; school mornings are less rushed and Samantha has about on average an extra 15 min. before it's time to leave. And I feel great about myself; I feel I took control of the household and "growing up" so to speak. There are times I feel like quitting but I keep reminding myself it'll take about a month to get through this challenge and I keep on FLYing. Well I better go and prepare something for dinner; Samantha has soccer practice (Lemon rosemary chicken with baked potatoes and broccoli). God bless.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tired but it's worth it.

This is my 4th day into the FLYing challenge and wow what a difference it makes! Saturday I cleaned the sun room-before it looked like the plastic bags threw up everywhere, there were empty dog food bags (left behind by my husband), and just trash. Everything in that room spelled chaos. So I spent a hour attacking the room and by the hour was done it was sparkling clean! Then on Monday I decided to deep clean the 6 windows in there and set my timer for a hour and got to clean 4 of them (FlyLady said don't worry if you don't get it done in one day-the mess didn't appear in one day). Then today I got to finish the last two windows and after that, I moved upstairs to clear out the cabinets and drawers underneath the sink and the linen closet.

As the days pass, I realized how much clutter and junk accumulated over the years-oh my yes lots! And just having the bathroom cabinets and closet cleaned out and organized is wonderful; I feel something in my life is in controlled and organized. Last night I was upstairs by 9:30 and I went to bed at 10:15-getting up at 6:00 is taking a toll on me, but I woke up this morning feeling rested and more energized! Today I got ironing and the general vacuuming, but won't get to zone focus today; I'm taking my mom dress shopping for my brother's wedding. Hey there's always tomorrow and friday! Well I'm outta here! Have a blessed day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

FLYing challenge

Hey there facebook buddies! If you haven't noticed, but this past Friday night I've decided to get this website a chance. My best friend, Lamis shared this awesome site with me about a month ago but didn't really explore it. Since Samantha, my daughter started school, I needed to get things in order. I wished I had a gift of being agenda-oriented, organized, and put together, but I am a scattered brain; I start one job and work on it but I won't complete it to the end. I needed something to help me to stay focused and stay on track. So I dug deeper on FlyLady and buckled my butt down (so to speak) and do it. She said it will take about 28 to 31 days to get into the habit of the morning, afternoon, and evenings routine and do not give up. In order to keep me motivated she developed a system where I can post the routines at the kitchen, and the bathroom sink. These post-it things are a must for me! Along with the post-its at the sink and bathroom wall, I have a small 3-ring black binder that is my "Control Journal. This binder goes everywhere I go, that way I can modify my daily routine (Sun through Mon.) and keep on track on that day's schedule. When you open it, you will find post-its on the flap-these post-its consists of the basics that need to be picked up the grocery store on Sundays, weekly deals at the local grocery store, and the most important thing, my scripture reminder (Proverbs 3:5-6 and 2 Timothy 1:7). Then I have a pencil case filled with colored markers to use. Then I have my Scriptures that I mentioned above all written out so I can read it everyday. Then I have my morning, afternoon, and evening routine written down and lastly I have my weekly routine down. Since this is my first week of this challenge, I am going to modify each day as it passes. Then I have my Husband's morning, afternoon, evening and weekly routines. Also, I have a folder that has my "Turn those negative comments into positive comments." and weekly grocery receipts. Then I have a folder for my daughter that has her routines inside and lastly I have a spiral notebook in the back pocket; this is where I jot down things and rip out the pages and stick it in the proper place. My 45 min. of computer is almost over and I need to return to my routines! God Bless and have a blessed day! I will add pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hi there!

It is a cool dreary day here in Maryland. It is nice break to the hot and humid days we were having lately. I cannot believe that the school year is almost here; I haven't gone out to get the supplies for school!! Maybe tomorrow I take my daughter to Walmart to get the necessary stuff.

I forgotten to mention that we got a new addition to our family this past winter. My daughter had been bugging us for a long time to get a dog. My husband started to search adoption centers, and animal shelters. No Rottweiler puppies were available; there were a few young Rottweilers, but we felt having a Rottie that had an unknown background would be unsafe. We felt we should start from the beginning so to speak. We found a local breeder and found this cute one.

His name is Titan and he is now 8 months old. We actually got him when he was 11 weeks old, and smaller. Isn't he cute?!

Well, I gotta go and do some more knitting, I am almost done this blasted throw.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Need to get imto the habit.......

to post more than a year or so. I just don't think of getting on here and blog a whole lot. I need to make a mental note of posting on here more often.

On the crochet side, I haven't picked up a hook since my daughter's hexagon throw. I have been busy teaching myself how to knit. I started with tutorials on YouTube and flew off from there. Recently, I discovered that I was doing the knit stitch all wrong. I was twisting my loops, however my purl stitches were okay. It was driving me crazy why my knit stitches were different from my purl stitches. Can you see the stitches below?

Sadly I discovered this mistake when this full-sized throw is about 89% done. I hope the gift-receiver doesn't notice the difference. She is expecting twin girls very soon and I need to finish two throws. The other is about 10% done, but I might rip it out and start over with the correct stockinette stitch; but its only two rows in, so I might not. I am very anxious of getting this first throw completed, so I can concentrate on the second throw. I just wished I was a faster knitter! Well I must go to bed, morning come fast. Good night all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am Still Alive!

Life....don't you love it? :) Life has been busy for a couple months. When Halloween is over with, the holiday rush is on. I feel I am a little ahead of the game a bit. I finally "helped" Santa wrap Samantha's gifts this afternoon, and finally completed all shopping....WHOO HOOO!!!!!!! The things I still need to tackle the Girl Scouts Christmas Party which is tomorrow, our friends' Christmas Party on Saturday (which reminds me I need to buy cucumbers for the Cucumber Salad), and the Annual Christmas morning Brunch for 12 people (need to get the ingredients as well). Can I have a moment of peace????

Long time ago, back in late summer, my husband was thinking of getting a new car. He wanted a Hyundai Sonanta, which is nice if you were retired and have no kids. I had a SUV, Cross over, or a minivan in mind because Samantha is 7 and has friends. I needed a "family vechicle" more than a nice Sedan. So that went out of the window until the week of Thanksgiving. He mentioned if we can get a SE Baseline Hyundai Santa Fe with a third row seat, he would consider looking into it. He emailed all the local dealerships and no luck. So on Wednesday we went to a local dealership to shop and look at a Santa Fe. Of course as soon we pulled up, a salesman came out and greeted us. He led us to a 2009 Santa Fe Limited with the third row seat, and not to mention it had every option you can think of; when I got into the car, it was love at first sight. But I couldn't get my heart stuck on it because we were looking for a specific model. Well we spent 2 days ( friday and saturday) looking at the Veracruz and the Toyota Highlander (not to mention we were using the quote that USAA was stating and Maryland dealerships turned it down). On Saturday night we discussed that the Veracruz base model would be as much as the Santa Fe Limited, so we got a quote from the USAA website and found some dealerships that worked with USAA and likely to accept the quote. On Sunday we went back to the first dealership (where I fell in love with the Limited) and so we thought they were going to take our offer. But alas they said no and boy the saleman we were working with, was disappointed. We left and headed to Fairfax, VA (which is about a hour and half from where we live) to see if they would take our offer. We got there, pulled out the quote, they checked the numbers, and they said YES! Not to mention this is my first brand new car; my others were used. I ended up with the same color and model and I love it! And I will post pictures on here maybe tomorrow.

This was probably the big highlight while taking a vacay on here. If I don't get back on here by Christmas, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A week of season Premieres...........

and a week of 3 projects I am working on. The hexagon throw for my daughter is near completion, and almost ready for her to use. I have decided to start over my mother's knit throw; the previous throw had too many mistakes and I'm a perfectionist....So I had to start over or it would've driven me crazy. The third project is new however. I'm knitting a pair of socks for my husband to wear around the house on cold, and bleak winter days. I am using Lion Brand, wool ease sock yarn in Rock candy color. It is a self-stripping yarn and I am liking the colors!

I am planning to crochet a granny square throw for a local organization after I am done my daughter's throw. Is it possible to have one or more projects in WIP-ing???? Oh, yes indeed! That's something that my dear Husband doesn't understand. I will complete one while going back and forth the projects; I'm going to prove him wrong when I am finished the throw! :) Love you honey.

I am laying on the bed typing the blog and watching the season premiere of my favorite CSI show. I really hope that Eric Delko(Played by Adam Rodiquez) doesn't die; he was the reason I watch the show. No pictures tonight, maybe on the next post! So until then.....