Sunday, July 13, 2008

There is a first for everything.....

Hey there people,

For awhile now, I was debating to joing blogger or not. I have been lurking around my favorite knitter and crocheter and an author's blog and it is a great way to be updated on stuff that happens in our daily lives.

As many of you know a month ago my mom underwent a kidney transplant at John Hopkins. Oh yeah and my Dad was nice enough to give her his spare kidney! Actually we all thought my mother's younger sister was going to be the one to donate. She came back an exact match, which was very rare to see in siblings that are not multiples. My mother and her sister are 20 years apart so it was shocking to the transplant team that her tests came back that way. My mother's sister continued with the many tests, however she came back pre-diabetic and the transpant team decided not to go on. So they went to my dad and he went through, what it seemed to be endless, tests and a year after putting his name on the donating list for my mother, he was approved in March. The BIG day (June 2, 2008) was set, and back then it seemed it was going to be forever, but it quickly came. She is doing awesome and the kidney is working like a charm. We are so blessed that my dad had a strong kidney! He is my new super-hero!

Above is my very first finished crochet project! It is a baby blanket for my cousin and his wife who are expecting a baby boy in Aug. I am sure it is not that perfect, but I am getting better. I am making a second blanket for my pastor's daughter who is due in Aug also. It is the same drop shell pattern but with different colors. I am also working on a granny square lapgan for my mom. I am hoping that I complete both soon, because I want to crochet a granny square throw for my daughter, who is 6, and for my younger cousin who is 3 years old. They both like pink and purple which is easy! I will be busy for awhile I think.

I came down two days ago from cleaning my bathroom and open my big door and I saw this cute but obviously lazy squirrel chilling on the ramp (used to be my grandmother's house). I took this picture because it was so cute! Well I am off to crochet till it's time to go to bed!
God Bless,
Philippians 4:13