Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was a big fan of....

Jon&Kate+8. That is all you hear these days and it is sad. I was a true fan until the fouth season; I've started to notice the change in the show and especially Kate. She was not the same Mom and wife that she was in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd season. Now she is a business woman who is hardly home taking care of the kids, the new house and Jon. I was watching the season 5 premiere on monday, and I got depressed. The whole show was lacking something that was present in past seasons, and it was the interaction between Kate and Jon. They barely spoke to each other at the sextuplets birthday party; no "Hello", nor no kiss or hug. The only time they exchanged words was when Kate ordered Jon to do something. I know the show is edited and we see only a miniscule part of their everyday lives; but the saying "A picture can say a thousand words", can be justified. There were many signs that the marriage is on the rocks-for an example, Alexis was talking to Jon about her inviting a boy to the party, and being a typical Dad he gave her that "dad" look, and asked her if she hugged or kiss him. Of course with an innocent answer she said, "I only hug and kiss my parents." Then Jon gave her a hug and whispered I love her-you can see the sadness when he hugged her. Then the quote that Alexis said next just broke my heart, "Daddy, I don't want you to leave anymore." At that point I knew that Jon and Kate were possibly not living in the same house. And the interviews were filmed seprate, but there was one shot with them on the couch together, however it seemed cold.

My feelings about this whole thing with this "Number 1 family in America", is I am sad, mad and frustrated. They are blinded by the fortune and fame to see the real signs of the kids' feelings and Jon's feelings. I have to agree with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi; they need to end this show because this family is on a path of self-destruction and being broken.

I was on the way home listening to my I-pod and I love Casting Crowns-anyways, "Slow Fade" came on and Oh my, Kate and Jon need to listen to the song! Click on the name of the song to hear the lyrics to the song.