Monday, December 22, 2008

Count down to Christmas

It is Monday before Christmas and I still have small gifts to wrap. At least I have my daughter's gifts wrapped. I am taking a much needed break by catching up on Bones. I still need to tidy for Christmas Day brunch, clean the guest bathroom and not to mention host my daughter's class party, which is tomorrow. I need to breathe.

I need more time to crochet, because I am going through withdrawl. I had a couple of hours to start on a baby blanket on Friday, but since then it has been calling my name "come and finish me!!!". Oh well, it has to wait. It is the same one in the July post; I got the pattern from Teresa.

My daughter received a letter from Santa Claus today, and her face just lit up when she saw it. I saw the same excitement I used to have as a child, it was priceless. It is important that I instill those memories for her, so she can look back and say, "I remember......when I was a kid." Well off to do the darn dishes.

Everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!