Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am Still Alive!

Life....don't you love it? :) Life has been busy for a couple months. When Halloween is over with, the holiday rush is on. I feel I am a little ahead of the game a bit. I finally "helped" Santa wrap Samantha's gifts this afternoon, and finally completed all shopping....WHOO HOOO!!!!!!! The things I still need to tackle the Girl Scouts Christmas Party which is tomorrow, our friends' Christmas Party on Saturday (which reminds me I need to buy cucumbers for the Cucumber Salad), and the Annual Christmas morning Brunch for 12 people (need to get the ingredients as well). Can I have a moment of peace????

Long time ago, back in late summer, my husband was thinking of getting a new car. He wanted a Hyundai Sonanta, which is nice if you were retired and have no kids. I had a SUV, Cross over, or a minivan in mind because Samantha is 7 and has friends. I needed a "family vechicle" more than a nice Sedan. So that went out of the window until the week of Thanksgiving. He mentioned if we can get a SE Baseline Hyundai Santa Fe with a third row seat, he would consider looking into it. He emailed all the local dealerships and no luck. So on Wednesday we went to a local dealership to shop and look at a Santa Fe. Of course as soon we pulled up, a salesman came out and greeted us. He led us to a 2009 Santa Fe Limited with the third row seat, and not to mention it had every option you can think of; when I got into the car, it was love at first sight. But I couldn't get my heart stuck on it because we were looking for a specific model. Well we spent 2 days ( friday and saturday) looking at the Veracruz and the Toyota Highlander (not to mention we were using the quote that USAA was stating and Maryland dealerships turned it down). On Saturday night we discussed that the Veracruz base model would be as much as the Santa Fe Limited, so we got a quote from the USAA website and found some dealerships that worked with USAA and likely to accept the quote. On Sunday we went back to the first dealership (where I fell in love with the Limited) and so we thought they were going to take our offer. But alas they said no and boy the saleman we were working with, was disappointed. We left and headed to Fairfax, VA (which is about a hour and half from where we live) to see if they would take our offer. We got there, pulled out the quote, they checked the numbers, and they said YES! Not to mention this is my first brand new car; my others were used. I ended up with the same color and model and I love it! And I will post pictures on here maybe tomorrow.

This was probably the big highlight while taking a vacay on here. If I don't get back on here by Christmas, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A week of season Premieres...........

and a week of 3 projects I am working on. The hexagon throw for my daughter is near completion, and almost ready for her to use. I have decided to start over my mother's knit throw; the previous throw had too many mistakes and I'm a perfectionist....So I had to start over or it would've driven me crazy. The third project is new however. I'm knitting a pair of socks for my husband to wear around the house on cold, and bleak winter days. I am using Lion Brand, wool ease sock yarn in Rock candy color. It is a self-stripping yarn and I am liking the colors!

I am planning to crochet a granny square throw for a local organization after I am done my daughter's throw. Is it possible to have one or more projects in WIP-ing???? Oh, yes indeed! That's something that my dear Husband doesn't understand. I will complete one while going back and forth the projects; I'm going to prove him wrong when I am finished the throw! :) Love you honey.

I am laying on the bed typing the blog and watching the season premiere of my favorite CSI show. I really hope that Eric Delko(Played by Adam Rodiquez) doesn't die; he was the reason I watch the show. No pictures tonight, maybe on the next post! So until then.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A beautiful day....

A beautiful day with a gentle breeze blowing through the windows, and the sun is out! Can you ask for more? Well, remember the old school soup can crochet project that I was going to do? Well it is finished and waiting to be used by Samantha! It was a quick project, and could be done in a couple of hours. One thing that I did when making it was use a piece of string to mark where the slip stitch was. It was not mentioned in the directions, but it is a good idea to do, or you will unintentionally put an increase in the following rounds (trust me, I found that in the hard way!). I hope Samantha likes it.

Here it is, just starting out.

Almost done; the flower needs to be added.

All done!

As for the throw, I've done 8 more hexagons and they are awaiting to be worked in the main throw. I think I'm making good progress! Well I need to get off from here and pick Samantha off from the bus!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tomorrow~Back to the ol' grind

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend I had! My cousin, Kevin got married this weekend, and we had out-of-town relatives come visit us as well. My Pop-pop and Grandma June left this morning and my Aunt Bette and her best friend left around 4:30. Anyways, it was a beautiful wedding-the bride maids' dresses were pretty, the flowers were exquisite and the bride herself was breath taking! The outdoor wedding ceremony got postponed by 30 minutes because a small rainstorm passed through. The ceremony was just beautiful and the breeze coming up from the water made the heat bearable. However, the reception was another story. I spare you the details ; it was open bar with top shelf liquor-draw your own conclusions.

I did get some crocheting done this weekend :) I have about 13 hexagons waiting to be joined to the main throw. I can't wait to get it done so Samantha can use it this fall and winter. She can use it while watching Sponge Bob or Hi-5 on Discovery Channel. My next project is a pattern that I got from the fall issue of "Crochet Today". It's a remake of a retro canned food can snuggle. I'm making one for Samantha-that way she can store her pencils and markers for her homework assignments.Well it's off to pack her lunch and enjoy the last hours of my day off. Starting tomorrow, it's back cleaning and straightening. My goal for tomorrow is pick stuff up from the floors, vacuum up and downstairs and clean both bathrooms (yuck) and grocery shopping.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A three day weekend!

Labor Day is upon us, and that means that Summer is officially over. This time of year always makes me sad. This means the days become shorter and the weather becomes colder. But on the plus side my daughter, Samantha is off on Monday and I get to sleep in! And I think my husband, Bill is off too.

I know I am bad of keeping up with this blog; maybe I should find the time to write something every other day or so. So what have I been up to lately? Crocheting a little throw for Samantha.It has taken me about a month to get to this point. It is a hexagon granny pattern that I found on a blog by Sarah London. I wished I could link you to the pattern, but I think she had invited certain people to read her blog. I have read that outsiders were leaving nasty comments, and obscene pictures. It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the rest. Anyhow, I am using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Shocking Pink, Petal Pink, Orchid, and Plum Pudding. I am joining as I go and weaving the ends when I am joining in new colors-that way I don't have a gazillion of threads to sew in. The only threads I have to weave in is after I complete the hexagon granny. I think it's gonna be a nice throw when it is finished. Maybe she will use it when the air becomes cooler!

Well I should get up from the rocker and get her things packed-Samantha was invited to a sleepover at her friends house.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was a big fan of....

Jon&Kate+8. That is all you hear these days and it is sad. I was a true fan until the fouth season; I've started to notice the change in the show and especially Kate. She was not the same Mom and wife that she was in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd season. Now she is a business woman who is hardly home taking care of the kids, the new house and Jon. I was watching the season 5 premiere on monday, and I got depressed. The whole show was lacking something that was present in past seasons, and it was the interaction between Kate and Jon. They barely spoke to each other at the sextuplets birthday party; no "Hello", nor no kiss or hug. The only time they exchanged words was when Kate ordered Jon to do something. I know the show is edited and we see only a miniscule part of their everyday lives; but the saying "A picture can say a thousand words", can be justified. There were many signs that the marriage is on the rocks-for an example, Alexis was talking to Jon about her inviting a boy to the party, and being a typical Dad he gave her that "dad" look, and asked her if she hugged or kiss him. Of course with an innocent answer she said, "I only hug and kiss my parents." Then Jon gave her a hug and whispered I love her-you can see the sadness when he hugged her. Then the quote that Alexis said next just broke my heart, "Daddy, I don't want you to leave anymore." At that point I knew that Jon and Kate were possibly not living in the same house. And the interviews were filmed seprate, but there was one shot with them on the couch together, however it seemed cold.

My feelings about this whole thing with this "Number 1 family in America", is I am sad, mad and frustrated. They are blinded by the fortune and fame to see the real signs of the kids' feelings and Jon's feelings. I have to agree with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi; they need to end this show because this family is on a path of self-destruction and being broken.

I was on the way home listening to my I-pod and I love Casting Crowns-anyways, "Slow Fade" came on and Oh my, Kate and Jon need to listen to the song! Click on the name of the song to hear the lyrics to the song.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby boys.....

I have to say, everyone I know at church is having a baby boy. This is going to be the third baby blanket I am crocheted so far. I am about half way done-I'm going to do at least 1 more sections of the white and the variegated blue and green yarn (but might take 2 more) and then an edge. I haven't decided what kind of edging to do though. I love this pattern! And the reason why I love it is that it is safe for baby. The blanket is not dense; it's light and airy, and if baby somehow move the blanket over to his/her face, they won't suffocate. I have to thank Teresa for this drop shell pattern. She has lots of tutiorals on youtube and she taught me many stitches and patterns. Thank you Teresa!

Here is a close up shot of the pattern, and it takes three rows to complete the shells. I am sorry if the picture isn't the best, but I am not a professional photographer.

I come to realize if I devote my time on monday, tuesday and wednesday for cleaning, I have all the time on thursday and friday to work on projects such as this one. I love doing projects that are on a deadline because I am more focused to get it done. I tend to have a short attention span while doing a project, and tend to get bored with it very fast. So if I don't have a deadline; the current project becomes a Unfinshed Project and usually sits there for months or even years! My poor mother has been waiting for her lapghan for God knows how long; but her one year anniversary for her kidney is coming up so just maybe she'll get one. Well off to eat lunch! God bless!

Monday, January 26, 2009

snow or no snow....

That is the question. We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow, but the weathermen on the television are not sure what's going on. It is a good thing that I went to the grocery store yesterday; I can only imagine what the stores looked like today.

Today Samantha had off from school for professional development/assessment day. I cannot believe the school year is almost over. Any mother can feel with me when I say, I didn't get much housework done today. Instead it was spent making blueberry pancakes, coloring, and watching Tarzan. All day I had no time to sit down to do some serious knitting; it was sitting in a bag from last night calling out to me. At least I got some knitting in last night before church begun. There is a lady at church who knits just blankets, and she was amazed I would start knitting socks after three weeks of knitting practice swatches. She said after seeing 3 DPN's (Double Pointed NeedleS) form the triangle shape, just scared her and she would never get the nerve to do that kind of knitting. Honestly, it is not that hard to do, and it does look daunting at first, but when you get the hang of it it is easy. I completed one sock for my daughter and I am working on the second one. I just finished the heel turn and I am working on the shaping of the instep. I cannot wait to get the second one done, so I can finish my second sock (have the first one completed) and wear them with pride!

I love to cook as well. I love to experiment with recipes and make them my own. I found this yummy one and it is great for when you have worked all day and have hungry people waiting on you to fix dinner. This one is called

Southwest Corn Bread Bake.
1 lb ground beef cooked and drained
1/2 cup of black beans undrained
1/2 cup canned corn drained
palmful of cumin
palmful of chili powder
2 Tblsp chopped onion
1 pkg of corn bread mix ( I used Betty Crocker) follow pkg directions

brown the ground beef and drain fat. Combine black beans, corn, cumin, chili powder, and onion. Put it in a 8X8 baking dish and top with corn bread and put in a 350 degree oven for 20 mins to 25 mins or until golden brown.

It was deelish and a simple green salad rounds off the meal! Well off to relax and finally do some knitting!