Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am Still Alive!

Life....don't you love it? :) Life has been busy for a couple months. When Halloween is over with, the holiday rush is on. I feel I am a little ahead of the game a bit. I finally "helped" Santa wrap Samantha's gifts this afternoon, and finally completed all shopping....WHOO HOOO!!!!!!! The things I still need to tackle the Girl Scouts Christmas Party which is tomorrow, our friends' Christmas Party on Saturday (which reminds me I need to buy cucumbers for the Cucumber Salad), and the Annual Christmas morning Brunch for 12 people (need to get the ingredients as well). Can I have a moment of peace????

Long time ago, back in late summer, my husband was thinking of getting a new car. He wanted a Hyundai Sonanta, which is nice if you were retired and have no kids. I had a SUV, Cross over, or a minivan in mind because Samantha is 7 and has friends. I needed a "family vechicle" more than a nice Sedan. So that went out of the window until the week of Thanksgiving. He mentioned if we can get a SE Baseline Hyundai Santa Fe with a third row seat, he would consider looking into it. He emailed all the local dealerships and no luck. So on Wednesday we went to a local dealership to shop and look at a Santa Fe. Of course as soon we pulled up, a salesman came out and greeted us. He led us to a 2009 Santa Fe Limited with the third row seat, and not to mention it had every option you can think of; when I got into the car, it was love at first sight. But I couldn't get my heart stuck on it because we were looking for a specific model. Well we spent 2 days ( friday and saturday) looking at the Veracruz and the Toyota Highlander (not to mention we were using the quote that USAA was stating and Maryland dealerships turned it down). On Saturday night we discussed that the Veracruz base model would be as much as the Santa Fe Limited, so we got a quote from the USAA website and found some dealerships that worked with USAA and likely to accept the quote. On Sunday we went back to the first dealership (where I fell in love with the Limited) and so we thought they were going to take our offer. But alas they said no and boy the saleman we were working with, was disappointed. We left and headed to Fairfax, VA (which is about a hour and half from where we live) to see if they would take our offer. We got there, pulled out the quote, they checked the numbers, and they said YES! Not to mention this is my first brand new car; my others were used. I ended up with the same color and model and I love it! And I will post pictures on here maybe tomorrow.

This was probably the big highlight while taking a vacay on here. If I don't get back on here by Christmas, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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