Monday, August 16, 2010

Need to get imto the habit.......

to post more than a year or so. I just don't think of getting on here and blog a whole lot. I need to make a mental note of posting on here more often.

On the crochet side, I haven't picked up a hook since my daughter's hexagon throw. I have been busy teaching myself how to knit. I started with tutorials on YouTube and flew off from there. Recently, I discovered that I was doing the knit stitch all wrong. I was twisting my loops, however my purl stitches were okay. It was driving me crazy why my knit stitches were different from my purl stitches. Can you see the stitches below?

Sadly I discovered this mistake when this full-sized throw is about 89% done. I hope the gift-receiver doesn't notice the difference. She is expecting twin girls very soon and I need to finish two throws. The other is about 10% done, but I might rip it out and start over with the correct stockinette stitch; but its only two rows in, so I might not. I am very anxious of getting this first throw completed, so I can concentrate on the second throw. I just wished I was a faster knitter! Well I must go to bed, morning come fast. Good night all.